Our mission is to help people overcome addictions.

Our Story

We started Quit Labs Inc. with a very serious and aspirational mission in mind: to help engage and empower millions of people to overcome their addictions.

The reality is that a stretched healthcare system fails to engage people in their medical care at the preventative stages. As a result, the $3 trillion currently spent on healthcare goes on to prevents only 10% of premature deaths.

With digital therapeutics, we have the opportunity to prevent 40% of premature deaths that are caused by behavioural patterns. At Quit Labs, we are inventing a new class of healthcare technology designed to treat addictions and prevent disease.

We began our mission with smoking: worldwide, more than a billion people smoke cigarettes. Smoking is the leading cause of preventable illness, death, and health care costs. Despite advances in healthcare, mobile technology, wearable sensors, and medical devices, there has been little innovation when it comes to helping people quit smoking. This is where Quit Expert comes in. Quit Expert is targets the behavioral, psychological, and physical aspect of addiction to maximize the success rate of quitting smoking for good.

Together, we will save a billion lives.

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