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The future of healthcare is preventive.

Our Mission

We help people quit addictions.

Here at Quit Labs, our mission is to give people more control of their lives by freeing them from unhealthy addictions. A wide range of medical conditions can be prevented by quitting these unhealthy habits.


Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

Quit Labs personalize treatment based on a combination of our biological, behavioral, and psychological change. We use artificial intelligence to analyze continuous health information and streamline behavioral change.

Our Expertise

Leveraging Clinical Experience

Quit Labs is a collaboration between doctors, scientists, and engineers. We start with the evidence base, refine through testing, validate in studies, and integrate findings into our therapy program.

we will save a billion lives.

One billion people in China battle at least one behavioral addiction that adversely affects health and happiness. Quit Labs is a high-intensity digital behavior change platform that helps employees and their family members kick addictive behaviors for good.

Electronic Cigarettes
(Beta Testing)
Tobacco Smoking


Quit Expert is the product of more than two years of research working with smokers, scientists, psychologists and doctors.

Tailored Treatment

Quit Expert helps all smokers — not just the 1/3 who already say they're ready to attempt a quit. (The results are amazing).

Nicotine Replacement

Nicotine Replacement For those who want it, convenient delivery of nicotine patches, gum, or lozenges increase likelihood of success.

Quit Expert App

Quit Expert App Uses interactive lessons and activities to align quitting with the user's personal goals.

Science-Backed Resources

Coaching Each user gets paired with a trained coach who stays with them for the duration of the program. No calls with strangers here.

We help smokers live healthier, happier, longer lives.


We approach quitting smoking as a set of skills, rather than a single act. Quit Expert helps you develop those skills to best suit your needs.

Engaging mobile app with progress dashboard

Support from a dedicated coach, via in-app chat

Easy access to quit medications

Track progress real-time with health monitors



Employers lose about $7,000 per smoker annually to excess healthcare costs and lost productivity. We can help reduce those costs.

Proven program success rate

Detailed, transparent client reports

Client-success team for simple implementation

Turnkey enrollment campaigns


Ready to get started?

Whether it is smoking, vaping, drinking, or gaming, Quit Labs is here to help.

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